Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stinky plant information

Amorphophallus is a large genus of over 200 plants from the Arum family. Everyday, or year, new species are being discovered. What is a genus? A genus is a group of species closely related in structure and evolutionary origin. These are lowland plants from tropical regions with none found in the Americas. They can be found from Africa to the Pacific islands. These can be massive plants with the one leaf that lasts for one season. Often these tubers go into a dormant period in these regions depending on the wet or dry season. During the dry season they go dormant until the next rainy season. This is a great characteristic for this plant since it allows me to grow it. I’m able to store it in the winter. Anyone can grow this tuber in a container outside. I would recommend a container to make it easier to plant and then bring in for the winter. Also sometimes the tuber can get infected with organisms in the soil. Hopefully the potting is sterile and organism free. The size of the tuber, will dictate the size of the pot. Plant a smaller tuber in a smallish pot. The current philosophy is not too plant a small plant in an enormous pot…its better to plant in an appropriate size. I contacted a nursery for a follow up on this pot question. I was told a larger pot stay wet longer and could be over watered. Also there is an exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the soil for the roots. The larger the pot there is a reduced oxygen exchange. The tubers come in all shapes and sizes. It can be very small, size of a pea or very large, even 25 lbs or more for the Amorphophallus Titanum. I will post pictures soon of my Titanum. I will go in more detail of my technique for growing the seeds. You will need great patience in waiting for the seeds to germinate. Where can you get seeds? More information in upcoming days….Happy Tuesday…

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