Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Growing Hoya cuttings

The best way to obtain more hoya plants is by cuttings. Growing cuttings is very easy. I plan on growing from seeds for the challenge. I will get plants that are different from the parent. This is how new species are created. I’m hoping the seeds were crossed pollinated to get an unusual hybrid. It has been said; you can grow a thousand seeds and only get one quality plant. Planting the cutting requires the bottom leaves removed. Do a cutting that will have 3 or 4 leaves left on the stem. You can use a rooting hormone from the store to increase the odds of it rooting. After planting the cutting in good potting soil water it well. Allow it to dry in between watering. I have a cutting that I have rooted in water. You can try this method also. I will keep you updated on the seeds I plant. The seeds look like dandelion seeds with the fluffy end.

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