Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Growing Amorphophallus Titanum seeds

The Amorphopallus Titanum seed was very easy to grow. I was actually very surprised with my success of the 3 seeds. I had tried growing from seed other Amorphophallus from seed with limited results. It can take months to germinate… The titanum seed took about a month. The most important aspect of growing these seeds is the freshness. The germination rate goes way down as the seed gets older. Unfortunately, its hard to control this aspect… you have to find a good source with a little luck.. I bought the seeds from a a guy in Germany. I was so excited when they arrived. What did I do to grow them? I just planted them a half inch down in moist potting soil in a 4 inch pot. I covered the pot with a small plastic bag to keep in the moisture. Never let the soil go dry or…you will have a problem in germination. A secret in germinating is having a heat mat under the pot. This mat should keep the soil at 75-80 degrees. The mat retail for about $25.00. Its well worth the investment. I had great success with this heat mat. I never had luck with palm seeds until I got this mat. Remember, seeds have different requirements for germinating. I will go in more details on Thursday of the various methods…Happy Wednesday…..

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