Saturday, September 20, 2008


So far, I've received 3 comments to this blog. I welcome more people to leave comments and questions for me. I would like everyone to mention in the comments there location. Hopefully, I will get someone from a far away place like Japan. Now wouldn't that be cool. There was a comment about why I grow the Amorphophallus plants. There are many reasons I grow it. You may be surprised to hear that the stinky smell is not the reason. Actually, I think the plant is beautiful. It has a tropical look that I just love. I really never thought it would bloom...I was shocked by it's flower. I think my mother was little disappointed by the flowering. It really smelled horrible. The other reason was I was planning to eat some of my tubers. Just kidding, seriously some of these tubers are edible. I guess if your hungry enough you'll eat anything. I don't know which species are edible, so please do not buy and eat the tubers. I don't want any lawsuits. Anyway, a 1 pound tuber could cost $40.00, a little expensive to eat. What do you think? I plan on writing more tonight after my exploration of the city. I'll let you wonder what city. It is in the United States....See you later..

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Anonymous said...

It really is a beautiful and unique plant.