Friday, September 12, 2008

Posting Comments

I welcome everyone to post their comments on this blog. Feel free to post a question about my clivias or other plant related questions. I would be more than happy to post an answer to your send in your comments.

I want to first thank my beautiful girlfriend Kamil for encouraging me to start a blog. I feel that I have alot to offer regarding plants. I'm an avid gardener of numerous different plants that will be discussed on this blog. Learn about the Worsleya plant, Amorphophallus and other fascinating plants that I grow. In the near future, I will start posting photos...I will do this blog one step at a time...Hopefully, I will improve as I go..I hope you enjoy this blog!!! Many more interesting posts in the near future. Hey, come back again and read about the fantastic world of plants. I encourage you to join one of the many yahoo groups on plants like Clivia Enthusiasts.

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blogreader said...

Hi John,
This is a great blog!! You definitely know a lot about plants and it's great that this blog is a place for your to share your knowedge.
I'll keep reading so if I ever get picked to appear on Jeopardy, I'll score off the charts in the plant category.