Sunday, September 21, 2008

My girlfriends dogs with plant reference

My girlfriend has 2 black labs. The one dog is a a runt named Simon. This dog is super intelligent..Probably smarted then me. The other dog is Lenny. He is a loving dog with an adorable personality. He is not as bright. He is smart in his own way but is more concerned about eating everything. This dog has an appetite that would rival a full grown elephant. There is almost nothing Lenny won't eat. Here is the plant reference, he always smell my radish plants being tempted to take a bit. When Kamil was over for my birthday, Lenny really wanted to eat one of my wrapped gifts. His mouth was open ready to bite.. What does Lenny eat? Almost everything, like pickles, lettuce, burritos, bread sticks and loves gummy bears. I f we are eating gummy bears, he sits there growling until he get one. Before, you comment that we feed him the wrong food, he eats these foods only occasionally. The rest of the time he get normal dog food...This dog is nuts!!! Would probably eat peanuts if given them..


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Lenny should learn to grow his own food so he doesn't have to wait for the generosity of his human friends. What is the saying about a fish? Give a man a fish, he has food for a day. Teach a man to fish, he has food for a lifetime. Better yet, teach Lenny to fish. Wise Woman

clairesgarden said...

labradors are well known for eating anything and everything, they are lovely dogs! just think of them as helping to clear up?