Monday, September 22, 2008


Plumeria is a beautiful tree. Try growing this plant for a Hawaii touch. This tree is often associated with Hawaii. It is widely grown as an ornamental. Interestingly, it is not found growing in the wild. It is native to the Tropical Americas. I have been growing this plant for 2 years with no flowers. I have read it will flower when big enough. Right now, it is in a gallon pot. I plan on transplanting it into a larger pot soon. The flower is commonly used in a lei, a necklace made out of flowers. Sometimes, people will have a Hawaii themed party with real lei’s. There are companies that will ship them out. Unfortunately, it is over night mail and is quite expensive to ship. I love growing plumeria from seeds. The seeds when grown will produce plants similar to the parent but not exactly. This is the reason so many varieties exist. The most common way of growing a plumeria is from cuttings. If you order a cutting, do it in the warmer months. I ordered a cutting from an exotic place far away in the winter. I waited for weeks for it. It came partially frozen and dead. I have to learn to be more patient and wait for the correct time of the year to order. This tropical plant loves full sun and warm temperatures. If you provide these conditions it should thrive…more on growing of the seeds and cuttings on Tuesday. Enjoy the picture of the flowers…Happy Monday..


tina said...

I was wondering where I had heard plumeria before then it dawned on me, Paul James, the Gardener Guy LOVES it! Thanks for sharing. And don't worry, more comments will come. Can't help you with any secrets or tips, but just do what you are doing and it will fall into place. It takes time to get established, don't get discouraged. I love that a. titanium. It is something else! I will be back to explore more. Gotta cook dinner now. tina

My LIttle Family: said...

You're groing Plumeria in New York? Wow. Here in Florida they are popular but we are warned they pretty much need full sun to avoid any disease or pests. Mine have grown HUGE tall but no too bushy. My family teases me about my "stick" trees. They do flower though and the scent is divine! I'm told that Plumeria is a generic term and that gardenias are also Plumeria - that is why people here often refer to them as Frangapangie (spell?)

Piondröm said...

Fun that you found our blog in Sweden long way from Amerika.
I can read that you have the same passion for plants that we have, only different ones, yours for warmer climate and we for cooler.
I have never been in Hawaii or any other tropik places but I can recordnice the beautiful flower from pictures and films on "Hulahula dancers".
It is fun when it is a guy who has a garden blog, we are not so many.
Have nice week

Anonymous said...

I always wondered what those beautiful Hawaiian flowers were called. Thanks for the info. I love your comments. They make me think I could have success growing interesting plants also. Plant lover