Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Plumeria is small growing tree of about 30 feet. The size depends on the tree variety. The leaves can be several inches long to over a foot. Some plumerias are deciduous, losing their leaves at one point in the year. I’ve been told that plumerias can bloom the first year from a cutting of a good size. After 2 years, I have no flowers yet. The problem could be that the pot is small. I need to transplant in a larger pot for more active growth. The size of the pot will dictate the size of the plant. For example, bonsai plants can be 20 years old and be only 10 inches high. They are grown in small pots with root trimming to maintain size. I find growing the plumeria seeds the most satisfying and rewarding. Growing from seeds takes about 3 years to bloom under ideal conditions. The flower seeds grown plants generally look like the parent plants. For example, red flower plumeria seeds will usually produce red flowers similar to the parent. Mixed flowers seeds can produce a wide range of flowers. There are countless hybrids of these plants. I will be posting various flowers over the next few days. These flowers are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. One cluster of flowers can have as many as 200 of them. The flowers are often 2 to 3 inches wide. I have had great success growing from seed and cuttings. Hopefully, one day flowers will appear. More information on my growing of the seeds and cuttings tomorrow…Enjoy your day..


Chris said...

Your Plumeria is so exotically beautiful! I didn't read all of your posts, so you might have addressed this already, but isn't this the flower they use in the Hawaiian lei? I guess conditions are right to grow it in So Cal? Not so much in my neck of the woods, Dallas. Welcome to blogland. There are many wonderful gardeners to learn from here. There is a meme called Green Thumb Sunday...it's one of my favorites. Go here to learn about it. http://feverishthoughts.com/garden/join-green-thumb-sunday/
I'm sorry...looks like your going to have to cut and paste. There are so many gardening blogs there, it'll take the whole week to get through them. Enjoy! And welcome again! GardenMomma (Chris)

Chris said...

I hit 'enter' before adding another blogroll. It's http://voices.gardenweb.com/
Now, that should keep you busy!

guild-rez said...

Thank you for your visit and comment.
I am visiting the Toronto Botanical Garden in a few days, perhaps I can find the plant there.
Cheers Gisela

Wurzerl said...

Hi John,
thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting on it.
It' s a pleasure to visit your blog!!
I see one of my prefered plants - the Plumeria.
I hope to meet the Plumeria again - but then in nature - when I fly at Sunday to my brother to Teneriffa. It' s an island near the west coast of Africa.
I wish you always a lot of fun with blogging and will come back soon (with my terrible English!)
Have a great week Wurzerl, Germany