Friday, September 26, 2008

Plumeria problems

The plumeria has very few disease problems. The plumeria rust is fairly common in Hawaii. During prolong wet period the orange powder rust can form under the leaves. If the rust is severe enough the leaves may drop. Personally, I don’t have this problem. Of course, I live in New York so the rust shouldn’t really be around. Fungicides are rarely used as the rust is rarely severe enough to damage plant. A black mold can form on stems and leaves from the presence of scale insects, white flies or mealy bug. The mold flourishes on the dew released by the insects. This fungus rarely harms the tree. The insects will affect the tree. The biggest problem for the plumeria is the long-horned beetle. This beetle burrows into the stem so insecticides are ineffective. The best remedy is the removal of the affected branch. Now that we know everything about this plant, let go buy one..What are you waiting for, buy one TODAY!!!!


Alicia said...

I have several plumeria plant from cuttings. The leaves were developing perfectly then some started yellowing and became deformed in shape. Now I have noticed dark discoloration under leaves. Can you please tell me my problem and solution.

Anonymous said...

I have plumerias... and one seems to be sickly.... leaves are curling under and there seems to be white/yellowish tiny egg like substance on them. I tried to wipe them off and they broke open and appeared to be a milky white liquid in them. What is it and how do I get rid of them... hopefully saving my plant. Can anyone please help.