Thursday, October 16, 2008

Unknown flower in Puerto Rico

I came across this photo in my Puerto Rico album. I went to Puerto Rico about 8 years ago. I never bothered to try and figure out the name of this plant. Does anyone have any suggestions? It was over 5 feet tall. I especially like the flower but also the leaf. This is definitely a plant I would grow if I lived in the tropics.. Living in the tropics has it benefits but also a ton of bugs. Certain plants require a chill period to bloom or produce fruit. Ever notice there are no apple trees grown in tropical areas. The apple tree needs the chill period to produce fruit. The same is for plums, peaches, apricots etc. Apparently every area has its advantages. I still would love to grow a mango tree in my backyard. Maybe with global warming, New York will be warm enough. Unfortunately, we would be underwater on Long Island from the melting of the ice caps....When does Spring start?....

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Anonymous said...

John, that's a variety of Aphelandra. You will get details of it at

Good luck!