Sunday, October 12, 2008

Planting fall bulbs

I love the fall. The changing of the leaves are beautiful. The cooling temperatures is nice after a hot summer. It also is a time of year that can be sad. The impending cold weather with snow and ice on the horizon. It is this time of the year I start to focus on the spring. I love the early spring with the first crocus blooming and then the other bulbs like tulips. As you see from the catalogs in the mail and the local nurseries, this is the ideal time to plant spring bulbs. I love planting bulbs now anticipating the flowers after a cold hard winter. This time of year I also focus on my plants outside that I have to bring in. I get reacquainted with my lovely houseplants. Enjoy the season before its over. You can continue planting bulbs until the ground freezes in colder areas. Make sure you order the bulbs now or go to your local nursery before they sell out. Usually the nurseries later in November have sales on the remaining bulbs. You can find some good deals but with a reduced selection. I would check out the many catalogs and sites on the Internet. There are more than one variety of daffodil..Why not try a pink daffodil? Be the talk of your neighborhood!!!!

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