Monday, October 6, 2008

My favorite plant is the tree....

My favorite plant to grow is trees. I especially enjoy growing trees from seeds. I have grown Gingko trees. Unfortunately it got a fungus and died. For the holidays, I grew a chestnut tree bought from the store. The chestnut is very easy to grow. I simply planted the nuts and keep the soil moist. In about 3 weeks, I had a tree. The roots grew so fast that the plastic pot actually cracked. This tree also came to a bad end. I had no where to plant it and couldn’t give it away. I lost interest, and it dried out in the pot. By the time I realized, it was dead. I have success growing plants but also do have failures. I have grown numerous seeds that have never germinated. You can sometimes do everything right and still have failure. Don’t get discouraged, take it as a challenge. I tend to appreciate growing seeds even more when there is a failure. I feel proud when I actually can get a seed to grow. Currently, I have 3 magnolia trees growing from seed. I planted about 100 seeds in pots that I keep outside over the winter. Many trees need the cold temperatures to eventually grow. This spring, the 3 trees grew. I was ecstatic over the trees. In a way I was glad only 3 grew. What the heck would I do with numerous trees? I don’t have the heart to kill them. Often growing seeds, the directions will say to thin the plants. I have trouble killing the remaining plants. I will often carefully plant the seeds individually. Growing trees is fun but not very practical due to land requirements. I’ve only had the chance to grow a few trees. I would love to grow more. I will discuss the Japanese maple tree tomorrow.. A fascinating beautiful tree..

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