Monday, October 20, 2008


You may have noticed I know longer have ads. The purpose of this blog was to be informative and spark an interest in gardening. I really don't have a desire to make google rich with their ads. I believe they make plenty of money without my contribution. I thought the ads would be a useful source for people interested in my plant discussions. Personally, I thought the ads were horrid and made the site to commercial. Many of the ads were companies, I personally wouldn't recommend. Instead, I will recommend a company that I've had a positive experience with for that particular plant. For every other plant do a basic search on the Internet and pick the best price. I would highly recommend EBay. I find many of my plants on this site with a good price. Currently, I grow plants for fun and want to share my love of plants with the world.....Work was crazy usual..The plant didn't show up from case you were wondering....

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