Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Starting to get cold!!!

I have been so busy at work that I've neglected my plants outside. My Ponderosa lemon had all its leaves frost bitten. The leaves are all droopy and dying. Fortunately, the plant stems are fine. In a few weeks with TLC more leaves will grow. I'm letting my plumerias outside go dormant. They are starting to drop their leaves. The plumeria I have are deciduous so leaf drop is normal. I keep the plumeria in dim lit room and water occasionally. In the spring, I place them in sunlight and like magic start to grow. My smaller citrus trees, about 2 inches high were not affected by the cold. They were surrounded by other pots sheltering them. My Amorphophallus leaves are gone and I'm ready to bring them in the house for the winter rest. I had 2 pots with Amorphophallus that never grew. I was dumping out the soil and noticed the bulbs had little shoots. These plants can go dormant for as long as a year. The one bulb had a small bite in it from a squirrel. This bulb should be fine. With the temperature dropping outside, the leaves falling, I'm focusing on indoor plants...by the way my clivia is getting buds again!!!

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