Thursday, October 2, 2008

Growing successful Hoyas

For successful plants, you must use the right soil combination and pot size. For hoyas, good drainage is important. The easiest thing to do is to buy a succulent mix. This is what I prefer to do. You can make your soil mix of one part garden loam, one part sand and one part sphagnum peat moss. These plants need to be root bound to bloom. A six inch pot would be fine. If you have a small plant, it will take several years to bloom. After it blooms, it is important to keep the flowering spurs on. The spur is the little stem that had the flower. It will flower from this spur again. They will flower for most of the spring and summer with good light. Please water moderately in spring, summer and fall, keeping drier in the winter. It enjoys a daytime temperature of 60-75F, and a cooler night temperature. Following these basic instruction, it should flourish in your house. The perfect houseplant?

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