Friday, October 10, 2008

Snail infestation

I'm hoping for a very cold winter. The last winter was great with little snow and moderate temperatures. The only problem was many of the garden pests flourished also. We have a terrible snail problem. They are everywhere chewing leaves like crazy. I have holes in many of my plants. My mothers solution to the problem is throwing the snails over the fence, next door. I had some powder to spread that controls the snails. It is mainly a salt that kills the snail. Unfortunately, I don't think you want to eat these snails. The French eat a different variety. Hopefully, we have a bitter winter..Of course it will probably kill some of my less hardy plants. I just can't win...I do have the fun of replacing the dead plants with others...


Laura Z said...

I've had good luck putting that copper tape around pots to keep snails away. One side of the tape is sticky. I've found it at OSH before, or a real nursery would know what it is too. With plants in the ground, I feel your pain.

How does your mother know your neighbor isn't throwing the snails back over?

Kent said...

I have so many snails, you could never throw them all over the fence. They're everywhere. Not sure what to do about it. Wonder if my facebook friends will have any suggestions.


Austin, TX