Monday, October 13, 2008


The famous tulip is a genus of over 150 species of flowering bulbs in the Liliaceae. The plants are native in southern Europe, Iran, North Africa and Asia. The tulip is widely grown all across America. The bulb requires a long cool spring and a moderate winter. Typically the bulb has one flower but as many a 4 flowers. The tulip to me is fascinating in the varieties that are out there. Honestly, I’m not overly impressed by the tulip. I feel the flower doesn’t last long enough. Of course, I love daylilies and they only bloom for a day. The daylily makes up for it with many buds. Many interesting varieties have formed by viruses altering the plant. Back in the 1600’s in Holland, a virus formed a tulip variety called the Vicorey. This bulb was reported to be sold for exorbitant prices. It was reported a single bulb was bought for 12 acres of land. Even now, new varieties will demand a very high price because of supply and demand. All one has to do is wait a couple of years and the prices go way down. If I can wait 5 years for a clivia to bloom from a seed, I can wait a few years for prices to go down. My favorite spring bulb is the crocus. I love how the snow crocus often will bloom very early in snow. My snow crocuses often bloom in late February. A welcome sight at the ending of the winter. My second favorite is the daffodil. You would be amazed at the different colors that exist. Plant now and enjoy the spring even more….

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